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How to Play Video Poker Games

Playing video poker is pretty easy to learn how to do, actually, especially if you know a little bit about traditional poker games or just tried any of online games - online blackjack, roulette download or flash games, slots.

Inserting Money and Placing Your Bet

To start playing a video poker machine, you insert coins or a bill into the machine using the appropriate device on the machine. This will give you credits to play. But before that you should always insert your slot club card into the appropriate reader so that you earn the comps available for your play.

You then select how many credits you want to wager. Usually it's better to bet max coins. Video poker games vary according to denomination, but usually the coin size accepted on these games is between 25 cents and $5. The bets available normally vary from 1 to 5 coins.

Playing the Hand Your Dealt

Once you've decided how much to bet, you press the "Deal" button on the front of the machine. This causes the video poker machine to deal you a 5 card hand.

Video poker is based on 5 card draw, so after you receive your hand, you're given the option of keeping or discarding cards from your hand. This is done by pressing the "Hold" buttons on the front of the machine, or on newer machines, by pressing the screen. (Touchscreen video poker is becoming more and more common.)

You then press "Deal" again, and the machine deals your new cards from the virtual deck in the computer's random number generator.

It's important to note that the decisions you make can affect your expected return, and that video poker strategy involves making the correct decisions (the decisions that give you a higher expectation).

Understanding the ranking of poker hands is important in deciding which cards to keep and which cards to throw away.


Your payout is determined by a pay table which pays out based on how good a poker hand you wind up with.

Most machines start the payouts with a pair of jacks or better, but the payouts vary based on which type of video poker game you're playing. ( Deuces Wild payouts start with 3 of a kind or better.) The top payout is normally reserved for a royal straight flush, but again, that varies according to different video poker machines too.

All in all, if you play online very often, you risk to become a problem gambler which means that you have to cope with the gambling addiction. That is why, control your gaming in order not to upset your friends and family!

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