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Online craps in Japan

Craps クラップスとダイスゲームゲーム is one of the most ancient games, it was known in ancient Egypt, as well as in Rome, this game was played by everyone. The exact origins of the word Craps are unknown. It is said that it was the name of the combination that does not win, it consists of two numbers, similar to the eyes of a crab (from the French language Crab). Before the advent of craps, there was a game called Azar in the 18th century. This game went on to America, and took on several changes, and eventually became known as Craps. In the first half of the twentieth century, in the United States of America, there was already a modern and recent version of the game.

By the thirties of the twentieth century, Craps was being played in almost every casino in the United States, where it became the most famous casino game. But in the nineties, lost its popularity.

Today, with more and more Craps casinos popping up online, they're making more frequent appearances. Online Craps is just as exciting and intense as real Craps, with one or more bets pending the next die roll.

For beginners the rules of the game may seem very, very complicated, because the game is conducted in several stages, and most difficult, there are a huge number of different bets.

But in fact this is not the case. Just need to know all the rules the game will be very simple and understandable to any player. There is nothing to count in this game, you just have to make a bet and wait for your win or loss. That's not all, you need to know some more subtleties of this game, for example, a number of bets, plays many times, and bets can be removed as the game progresses.

Craps game description

The game is a table on which the bets are placed. It is necessary to throw two cubes.

Craps" is played by all players at the table in turn. The game functions thanks to the two cubes - hexagons. With a different number of points on each side of the cube. Player takes two cubes in his hands and begins to shake them, soon throws them, and they fall randomly, and from the upper sides of the cubes read the fallen out numbers that we sum up and get the result.

The game of Craps has a very nice feature - a huge field for betting, where the player can make up to ten bets per game. Similar to roulette, where you can bet on Red and Black, even and odd, and in Craps, you can bet on the Pass Line or Don't Pass Line, similarly, either win or lose. These bets are profitable, because the probability of winning is one to two, the same characteristic of the bets Come and Don't Come. If you bet on these bets and also on Odds Bet, it will give a great result.

The main task is to get the winning combination we need, at one of several stages of the game. Fall out can be different numbers, from two dice in total we can get from two to twelve points. Craps table is lined in a special way. Roughly the same as in the game "Azar," and thanks to this unique layout players can make bets.

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